Gyaneshwari 198

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

The billows in the form of sunset and sunrise create deep waters in the form of cycles of births and deaths in which bubbles in the form of bodies made up of five elements appear and disappear. There the big fish in the form of infatuation and delusion swallow the flesh of fortitude, and the whirlpools of ignorance revolve all around. The Jiva is caught in the muddy water of delusion and the mire of desires and the noise of his activities arising from the rajas quality reaches heaven. In this river there are currents of tamas quality and deep waters of sattva quality. In short, this Maya is full of mischief. When the billows of rebirths rise, they carry away the ramparts of Satyaloka, and then the rocks of the cosmic globes speedily come down with a bang (76-80).

Because of the great speed of its currents, these billows do not come to a stop. Who can swim across this flooded river of Maya? It is surprising that whatever attempts were made to cross this river turned out to be obstacles. Those who leaped into it relying on the power of their intellect, are not traceable. Those who jumped into the deep waters of knowledge were devoured by pride.