Gyaneshwari 185

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



44. For by that very former practice, he is pushed forward involuntarily; a mere seeker of Yoga too transcends the Vedic ritual. Then he acquires the wisdom which he had attained at the end of his previous birth. Just as a fortunate person born with the legs foremost is able to discover, by applying antimony to his eyes, and underground treasure, in the same way his intellect is able to grasp abstruse philosophical doctrines without receiving instruction of a teacher. His hitherto unbridled senses come under his control, the mind merges in the life-breath (prana) and the prana along with the mind merges in the cidakasha (456-460).

One knows not how, but Yoga accrues to him without any effort on his part and samadhi comes in search of him. Then he appears as if he is Lord Shiva (Bhairava) on the seat of Yoga, of the glory of the commencement of Yoga of the experience of dispassion become visible in a human form. Or this yogi becomes the measuring rod of worldly existence or the island of the eight branches of Yoga. Just as fragrance takes the form of sandalwood, it looks as if contentment has taken on his form. His spiritual excellence displays itself in the stage when he is yet a seeker, as though he has emerged from the treasure-house of perfection.