Gyaneshwari 184

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



42. Or may be, even in the family of yogis possessed of wisdom, it is indeed very difficult to attain in this world a birth of this kind.

43. There he regains the knowledge acquired in the former body and thence he strives evermore for perfection, O Scion of the Kuru race. Or he who has strayed from Yoga takes birth in the family of those yogis who perform knowledge-sacrifice, who are well-versed in the subject of the Self, who are the hereditary enjoyers of Self-bliss, who have mastered the secret of the great doctrine and have attained the kingdom of heaven, who are the cuckoos singing in the forest of contentment (446-450),

and who sit at the foot of the tree of discriminating knowledge. When he is born, the knowledge of the Self dawns upon him. Just as light spreads out all around before the rise of the sun, so omniscience weds him in his childhood without waiting for him to become a youth. Then the intelligence and all the lore’s acquired in the previous birth attend upon him and all the scriptures issue from his mouth. This yogi takes birth in such a noble family, desiring which the denizens of heaven mutter prayers, perform sacrifices (451-455) and sing praises of this mortal world like bards,