Gyaneshwari 175

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



20. That in which his mind finds peace, restrained by the practice of Yoga and in which he, seeing the Self by the mind, rejoices in the Self,

21. That in which he experiences absolute bliss, which can be grasped by the intellect, but is beyond the senses and in which, being established, he swerves not, in truth, from it, If this Yoga is practiced by adopting a steady posture, then it will bring about restraint of the senses. Only when the senses become restrained through the practice of Yoga, the mind, of its own accord, realizes the Self (361-365).

When the mind turns away from the senseobjects and becomes introspective, it perceives the Self and identifies itself with the Self. Thereafter it experiences the kingdom of permanent bliss and become one with the self. Then the mind abides in the self beyond which there is nothing which is beyond the senses.

22. That by gaining which, he thinks no greater gain beyond it and in which being established, he is not shaken by sorrow, however great, Then even if mountains of misery bigger than the Meru come down crashing upon him, his mind is not shaken. Nor does his mind, which is reposing in the Supreme bliss, become agitated, even if his body is cut with a weapon or falls into fire (365-370).

When the mind is absorbed in the bliss of Self, it does not remain conscious of the body, and having attained this indescribable bliss, forgets all things which affect the body.