Gyaneshwari 176

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



23. That one should know by the name Yoga, which is detachment from the bond of pain, that Yoga should be practiced with conviction and with undespairing mind. When the mind has savoured of this bliss of Self, it forgets all desires and withdraws itself from the worldly life. This bliss is the grace of Yoga, the kingdom of contentment and the experience of wisdom. This bliss is realised directly through the practice of Yoga and one who realizes it, becomes one with it.

24. Abandoning without exception all desires born of volition, and restraining on every side all the senses by the mind alone. Nevertheless, O Arjuna, this Yoga is a simple path in one way. This Yoga is easy to attain, if one (destroys desire) and so makes volition mourn the death of its child (371-375).

When volition realizes that with the elimination of the sense-objects the activities of the senses are completely brought under control, it will die of a broken heart. When dispassion fills every pore of the body and mind, then volition stops functioning and the intellect dwells happily in the mansion of fortitude.