Gyaneshwari 145

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



I shall choose such beautiful diction of the local language (Marathi) that it will easily win by its sweetness, a wager with nectar. Its melodious words will outshine musical notes and in their presence even fragrance will lose its sweetness (11-15). The ears will put out tongues to savour their taste and the senses will quarrel as to who should first enjoy them. Though the words are naturally the object of ears, the tongue will stake its claim to taste their flavor and even the nose would like to enjoy their fragrance. What is more marvelous than this? The eye, comforted by its poetic style, will aver that it is a mine of beautiful forms. When the Lord utters a complete sentence, the mind moves out to embrace it with open arms. So the senses will enjoy this chapter according to their natures, but it will gratify them equally like the sun, which singly awakens the world (16-20). Know that the word possesses such extraordinary pervasive power that one who comprehends its meaning finds in it qualities of a philosopher’s stone. I have served the juice of liberation in the dish of poetry and offered a feast for those who have renounced desire. It will be of avail only to those who, using the light of the self, will partake of it without the knowledge of the senses. The listeners will have to make do without the ears and enjoy this discourse only with the aid of the mind. Removing the outer rind of words, they should go straight to the core of Brahman to enjoy its bliss (21-25). If you develop this lightness of touch, it will become fruitful; otherwise it will be the case of a mute talking to the deaf.