Gyaneshwari 146

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



But it is not necessary to tell you who are qualified to hear it, as you are free from desire and have forsaken this world and the heaven for the sake of wisdom. Others, however, will not be able to appreciate the sweetness of this talk. Even as the crow does not know the moon, ordinary men will not understand this text. But as the same moon provides food to the chakora birds, so this text is a refuge to the wise and out of bounds to the ignorant. There is therefore, nothing more to be said about this subject (26-30).

But I said it casually for which I crave your indulgence, O wise men. Now I shall proceed to relate the conversation of the Lord with Arjuna. It is difficult to comprehend its meaning and to express it in words, but I hope to perceive it in the light of Shri Nivritti’s compassion. If one achieves the power of super sensuous knowledge, one is able to perceive even that which is beyond the reach of sight; for if the philosopher’s stone comes to hand through good fortune, one can turn iron into gold which even the alchemist cannot achieve. So if one receives the compassion of his Guru, what can he not achieve? Jnanadeva says, “I have received this compassion in abundant measure (31-35).

By virtue of that I shall give form to the formless and tender for the enjoyment of the senses that which is beyond their grasp.” The blessed Lord in whom dwell the six great attributes, namely success, grace, munificence, wisdom, dispassion and prosperity, and who is the friend of all who are not attached to the world, said to Arjuna, ‘Give your attention to what I say’.