Gyaneshwari 121

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



40. He, who is ignorant, unbelieving and skeptical, perishes. There is neither this world nor the next nor happiness for the man of doubt. Look, if a person is not fond of wisdom, what can one say about his life? Death would be better than that. Like a house, which is vacant, or a body, which is lifeless, is his life full of delusion and devoid of wisdom. Even if one has not attained this wisdom but longs for it, he stands a fair chance of acquiring it. Let alone the desire for knowledge (191-195),

if he lacks even interest in it, then know that he has fallen into the fire of doubt. If a person loathes nectar instead of relishing it, then know that his death is near at hand. So if a person indulges in sensual enjoyment and is heedless of wisdom, he is doubtless possessed by doubt. If a person is full of doubt, he is definitely doomed and loses all happiness in this and the other world. If a person suffers from typhus fever, he cannot distinguish between heat and cold, and regards the sun and the moonshine the same (196-200).

So the man of doubt does not know the difference between what is true and false, right and wrong, beneficial and harmful. Just as a person born blind is not aware of day and night, so the man of doubt does not comprehended anything.