Gyaneshwari 120

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



39. The man of faith attains to wisdom, being devoted to it and restraining his senses. Having attained wisdom, he soon finds the highest peace. He, who experiencing the sweet bliss of the Self, loathes the sense-objects and scoffs at the senses, who neither discloses his thoughts to the mind nor ascribes to himself the actions of prakriti, and who is happy being possessed of faith, then wisdom, which is full of peace, comes in search of him. When this wisdom settles down in his mind, conducting to peace, the knowledge of Self spreads and fills his mind (186-190).

Then wherever he casts his eyes, he discovers peace and loses all sense of ‘Mine’ and ‘Thine’. In this way the seed of wisdom grows faster and faster. It is beyond description, let this suffice for the present.