Gyaneshwari 113

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



27. Some sacrifice all functions of the senses and of vital airs in the wisdom-kindled fire of Yoga of self-control. In this way, O Partha, some washed off their sins. Some others rubbed the fire-stick of discrimination against the stick in the form of the heart quickly and courageously as instructed by the Guru. As this attrition took place after fusion of all mental states, it bore quick result and kindled the fire of knowledge. To start with, there arose the smoke in the form of infatuation for miraculous powers; when it ceased, there appeared the tiny spark of knowledge. Then they threw in this fire the loose pieces of mind, which had become light with spiritual practices (131-135).

When the fire rose into flames with their help, it burnt the faggots of different desires with the ghee of delusion. Into this blazing fire they offered the activities of the senses, while repeating the mantra, ‘I am Brahman’. Then with the sacrificial ladle of vital breath, they offered the last oblation in the fire of knowledge, and attaining union with Brahman, performed the final ablution. Then they partook of the bliss of self-knowledge as the sacrificial food, taking it as the remains of the sacrifice in the form of self-control. Thus some, performing a sacrifice in this manner attained salvation. Even if these sacrificial rites are of different kinds, the goal to be achieved by them is the same (136-140).