Gyaneshwari 114

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



28. Some offer sacrifice with goods, austerities or Yoga; ascetics, with strict vows, sacrifice with study and knowledge. Among sacrifices, one is known as a material sacrifice; another is performed through austerities, and others though Yoga. That in which one sacrifices speech is known as sacrifice of speech; and that in which the knowable is realised are known as knowledge-sacrifice. All these sacrifices are arduous and difficult to perform, but those who have subdued the senses acquire the capacity to perform them. They have become proficient in self-restraint and also possess abundant Yoga; for they sacrificed their ego for the sake of the Self.

29. Yet others devoted to breath-control sacrifice prana into apana, and apana into prana by restraining the movement of both. Some others offer the in-breath as an oblation in the fire of out-breath, through the Yoga of practice (141-145).

Again others unite the in-breath with the out-breath. And still others restrain both and are known as regulators of breath.