Gyaneshwari 514

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The field and the knower of the field

May the poverty of discreet thought vanish, may the ears and the mind attain fulfillment, and wherever one sees, may one see the mine of the Brahmic lore. May the Supreme Truth come within the vision of everyone, may the happy festive occasions come within the reach of all and may the knowledge of the Self become plentiful in the world. I shall now give such a fine discourse that it will bring about all that I have said, for I have come under the wing of my Guru Shri Nivrittinatha. I shall explain every word in the text clearly, employing poetical language and similes in rich profusion. My magnanimous preceptor has made me proficient in all the lores (1161-1165)

and it is because of his grace, that whatever I say receives your approbation. Any capability that I possess to explain the meaning of Gita, to an audience like this, is entirely due to his favour. Now that I have taken refuge at your feet, there is no obstruction in my way. O Masters, is it ever possible that the goddess of speech will have a dumb child? It is also not possible that goddess Lakshmi will lack auspicious signs on her palm. How then, can it ever happen that a person who has taken refuge with you, remain ignorant? I shall now sprinkle all the nine sentiments (rasas) copiously in my discourse. But, O Saints, give me some respite so that I shall give a detailed exposition of the Gita (1166-1170).