Gyaneshwari 73

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



But you surprise me with an advice, which is confusing. Is this the way to behave with your disciple? I solely depend upon your instruction. If you behave like this, I should say I am undone. By instructing me like this, do you think that you have treated me well? What hope is there for me to acquire knowledge now? My desire for knowledge has gone; moreover, my mind which has been steady so far has now become unsettled. O Lord, your conduct is beyond my comprehension. I do not know whether you are trying to sound me or to befool me, or imparting to me an esoteric doctrine (11-15).

I have made an effort to comprehend it but have not been able to realise its truth. Therefore, listen, O Lord, do not talk to me in riddles, but explain to me your thoughts in plain language. O Krishna, dull-witted that I am, give me your advice in such a way that I too can understand it (16-20).

While it is necessary to prescribe medicine to cure a disease, it should be very tasty and sweet. So be kind enough to explain to me the philosophical truth, which is meaningful and appropriate in a way, I can understand. After finding a teacher like you, why should I feel shy of making a request? You are our Divine mother; so why should I hesitate to ask for a favour from you. If the milk of the wish-yielding cow becomes available by a stroke of luck, why should I remain in want? If the philosopher’s stone comes to hand, what can impede anyone’s desire? He should merely make a wish for whatever he needs. O Lord, if, after reaching the sea of nectar any one should still feel pangs of thirst, why should he take all the trouble to get there? Therefore, O Lord, after worshipping you in my previous births, I have had the good fortune to meet you (21-25).

Then why should I not beseech you for whatever I want, O Supreme God? This is the most opportune time for me to get whatever I want. My merit has triumphed over all my afflictions and borne fruit, and all my desires have been fulfilled. For you, the abode of all auspicious qualities, O God of Gods, have become favourably inclined to us. Even as no time is inappropriate for an infant to suckle its mother, so, O merciful Lord, I am asking you this question of my free will (26-30).

Partha said, “Please tender me your definite advice, which is easy to follow here and beneficial in the next world.”