Gyaneshwari 553

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Supreme Person

If by good luck, one secures the pollen from the lotus-like feet of the revered Guru, one’s speech pours forth such words that even the Divine resonant sound pales before it and even liberation cannot stand comparison with it. It is because of this good fortune, that the creeper in the form of speech grows so lavishly that the entire universe enjoys the lovely scenery of the spring season under the bower, in the form of hearing. Because of this good luck, that speech, which was unable to fathom Brahman and had to beat a retreat disappointed along with the mind, could now easily expound it (11-15).

It is because of this good luck, that words were able to hold Brahman, which was unintelligible to knowledge and inaccessible to meditation. This good fortune has only come to my share, and no one else has it, so said Shri Jnanadeva. I am an infant, the only child of my preceptor, so that I am the sole recipient of his favour. Like the cloud, which sends rain for a Chataka bird, my Master has showered his kindness on me (16-20).

So whatever I said with my uncultivated tongue, gave expression to the secret message of the Gita. If luck is favourable, sand is transformed into gems, and even an assassin becomes friendly, if one is blessed with long life. If God so wills, even pebbles, when boiled, turn into sweet cooked rice. In the same way, if the revered Master calls anyone his own, even his mundane existence conduces to liberation. Did Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Narayana, the Primeval Person revered by all, leave the Pandavas in want (21-25)?