Gyaneshwari 551

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Three Qualities

27. For I am the embodiment of Brahman, immortal and immutable, and of the perennial Law and of absolute bliss. O son of Pandu, Brahman is my name and I am addressed by this word. Just as the moon is not different from its disc, so, O discerning Arjuna, there is no difference between Brahman and Me (401-405).

This Brahman is eternal, immutable and vivid; it is righteousness incarnate and the giver of unique and unlimited bliss. I am the ultimate entity determined by the (Vedanta) doctrine, in which the knowledge becomes dissolved after fulfilling its function. Thus spoke to heroic Arjuna, the Supreme Self, who is the friend of dedicated devotees. Then Dhritarashtra said to Sanjaya, “Why are you telling me all this without being asked? On this occasion, remove my anxiety by giving me the glad news of my son’s victory. Give up all this worthless talk (406-410).”

Hearing this Sanjaya was amazed and said to himself, “Alas! see the pranks of fate. The king is only feeling concerned about the war. May the Lord have mercy on him and destroy his malady of infatuation by giving him a dose of discriminating knowledge.” When Sanjaya was thinking like this, he remembered the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, and his mind was flooded with joy. He will, therefore, tell with great enthusiasm what the Lord said further. Jnanadeva, the disciple of Nivritti says, “I shall impress upon your mind the substance of his talk, please give me your attention (410-415).”