Gyaneshwari 419

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



Thus spoke Mukunda, the primal seed of the universe, the giver of joy to his devotees, said Sanjaya to Dhritarashtra. He added: O King, the Lord of Vaikuntha who is pure and perfect, merciful to the people, protector of those who have surrendered to Him and are fit for such surrender (236-240),

whose constant sport is to render help to gods, to cherish and protect the worlds and those who have submitted to him, who is famous as the saviour of religion, who is the same to all because of his boundless generosity, who although powerful, became the bondman of Bali, who is compassionate to his devotees and frank with those who love him, who is the bridge which goes straight to the Truth, and the very treasure-house of arts, is speaking and lucky Arjuna is listening. Now I shall continue the tale, which Lord Krishna will recount to Arjuna, so said Sanjaya to Dhritarashtra (241-245).

Jnanadeva says, listen to the same story, which will be translated in Marathi. I have been taught by my Guru Nivrittinatha to render this service to you (246-247).