Gyaneshwari 29

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Sankhya and Yoga

The blessed Lord said: 2. When has come upon you at this critical juncture this infamous dejection, not followed by the noble nor leading to heaven? O Arjuna, does this behaviour become you on this occasion? Think what you are and what you are up to? What’s the matter with you? Do you lack anything? Has anything remained to be done? What grieves you? You never thought of improper things nor lost courage. Your very name scares away failure to the end of the quarters. You are the abode of valour, the prince among warriors; all the three worlds stand in awe of your valour. You conquered Lord Shiva in war and dispatched the Nivatakavacha demons and made the Gandharvas sing your praises (6-10).

The world looks small in comparison with you, so great are your qualities, O Partha. It is strange that losing your heroic spirit, you are lamenting with face downcast. Think for yourself, O Arjuna, how wretched you are with this compassion: Tell me, has darkness ever swallowed the sun? Does the wind ever fear the cloud or does nectar ever suffer death? Do you think that the firewood can smother the fire? Can the salt ever melt water? Can the deadly poisonous kalakoota die of poisoning? Tell me, can a frog swallow a cobra (11-15)?

Has a fox ever wrestled with a lion? Have such queer things happened before? But you have made such things seem possible. Therefore, O Arjuna, do not think of such things. Take courage and come quickly to your senses. Give up this folly, arise and take the bow in hand. Of what avail is this compassion on the field of battle? O Arjuna, you are a clever fellow; why don’t you think now? Tell me, is compassion proper at the time of war? It will ruin your present reputation and spoil your chances of going to heaven, so said Lord Krishna to Arjuna (1620).