Gyaneshwari 255

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

Although I am without name, actionless and without body, they ascribe to Me name, actions and physical activities. To Me who am devoid of form, limiting adjuncts and injunction, they attribute to Me form, offer Me worship and perform ceremonial rites. Although I am devoid of caste and qualities and without legs and hands they ascribe to Me caste, qualities, legs and hands. Though I am limitless and all-pervading, they attribute limitations and location to Me. Just as a man in sleep dreams of a forest, he sees Me as having ears, eyes, lineage and form although I never had any of them (156-160).

Although I am unmanifest, desireless and selfcontented, they imagine in Me manifestation, desires and contentment. Though I am without clothes and ornaments, they dress Me in clothes and ornaments; and they try to discover My origin, although I am the source of all. Though I am self-established, they make images of Me, and though I am self-existent, they consecrate My idol, and though I am eternal, I am subjected to invocation and immersion. Although I am self-evident and formless, they conceive Me as having childhood, youth and old age. Although I am non-dual, they attribute duality to Me and they think Me to be the agent and experiencer, though I am not so (161165).

Though I have no family, they conceive of My family and describe it and though I am eternal, they imagine that I have died and grieve over it. They conceive Me, who abides in the heart of all, as somebody’s friend or enemy, though I am full of bliss, they think Me desirous of pleasures; and though I am everywhere, they think that I reside in one place. Though I am the Self of the animate and inanimate world, they tell everyone that I show partiality to some and destroy other in anger. In fact they ascribe to Me all human attributes and so possess contrary knowledge about Me. They worship an idol, thinking that to be Myself, and when it is broken, throw it away without remorse (166-170).

In many ways they conceive Me to be of human form and because of this they remain ignorant about My real nature.