Gyaneshwari 194

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

10. Know me, O Partha, to be the eternal seed of all beings. I am the intellect of the intelligent, and the brilliance of the brilliant.

11. I am the strength of the strong, free from desire and attachment; I am the passion among creatures, not contrary to duty, O best of Bharatas. I am that which in the beginning of creation sprouts in the form of akasha and grows and then devours the letters of Omkara at the time of dissolution (36-40).

I am that which appears as the world as long as the world has form and exists in a formless state at the time of dissolution, I am that beginnigless seed of the world; I am showing it to you as if you are holding it on your open palm. When you will compare this knowledge with the Sankhya doctrine, then you will come to know the purport of my discourse. Now leaving aside this irrelevant talk, I would tell you this knowledge in brief. Know without doubt that I am the penance of the ascetic, the strength of the strong and the intellect of the intelligent (41-45).

I am that desire among creatures which finds fulfillment in the acquisition of wealth and the performance of duty, so said Lord Krishna. Even though this pure desire gratifies the senses according to the flow of his feelings, the yogi does not allow them to go against the dictates of duty. When this desire leaves the by-path of prohibited actions and goes by the royal path of prescribed actions, he always carries the lamp of self-restraint. Conducting itself thus, this desire fulfills the demands of duty and conduces to liberation. It fosters, under the power of Vedic ritualism, the growth of the creeper in the form of universal life in such a way that overladen with foliage and fruit, it reaches consummation in liberation (46-50).

The Supreme Yogi said, I am that restrained desire, which provides the seed for the creation of the universe. Why should I tell you all this? know that all this totality of created things has originated from Me.