Gyaneshwari 162

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



13. Holding the body, head and neck erect and steady without motion, he should fix his gaze on the tip of his nose, without looking around. Then he should place both his palms on the left knee, so that the shoulder blades are raised up. Since the shoulders are lifted up, the head becomes buried (in the chest) and the eyelashes begin to close. The upper eye-lash remains steady and the lower one spreads out so that the eyes look half-closed. In this way, the vision remains inwards and even if it tries to go out, it remains confined to the region of the nose-tip. Thus this half-closed sight remains centered inwards and unable to go outwards, rests on the nose-tip (201-205).

Then all desire to look in all directions or to wait until the activity of various form to impinge on the sight naturally ceases. Thereafter the adam’s apple is pushed back and the chin is tightly set against the jugular notch pressing against the chest. When the adam’s apple disappears from sight, the bandha so formed, O Arjuna, is known as Jalandhara (chin-lock). Then the navel comes up, the belly becomes deflated and inside the diaphragm rises up. This bandha which is formed above the lowest nerve center and below the nerve-center at the naval is known as Udiyana. When the Yoga proceeds in this manner in respect of the parts of the body, then it reduces the grip of the mental functions.