Gyaneshwari 13

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Despondency of Arjuna

13. Conches and kettledrums, drums, tabors and horns blared forth all of a sudden, and the noise became tumultuous. The sound of all the musical instruments was so harsh and terrific, that it seemed like the end of the world even to the brave. Kettledrums, tabors, conches, cymbals and trumpets blared forth, followed by a terrible war-cry of the great warriors. Some patted their arms and challenged others with frenzy, and the rutting elephants could not be controlled. What can one say about the cowards? They were scattered like saw-dust. Even the god of death withdrew from the fray in panic. Some breathed their last standing; others who were brave had locked-jaw; and even warriors of proved merit started shaking with fright (131-135).

Hearing the strange blare of martial music even god Brahma became agitated; and the other gods thought that the end of the world had come now.