Raskhan grave, Mahavan, Mathura

Raskhan (born 1548 A.D.) was a poet who was both a Muslim and a follower (bhakt) of Lord Krishna. His real name was Sayyad Ibrahim and is known to have lived in Amroha in India. Raskhan was his pen name which means Mine of Ras (nectar) in hindi. Most of the scholars say that Raskhan was a Pathan Sardar belonging to Delhi, but some scholars opine that his birth place was Pihani in Hardoi district. Raskhan is not his original name. Hajari Prasad Dwivedi has described his two names, Saiyad Ibrahim and Sujan Raskhan, in his book. It appears that the original name of Raskhan was Saiyad Ibrahim and Khan was his title. It is said that Raskhan was the son of a Jagirdar having all the luxurious facilities. He got good and quality education as he was born in a wealthy family. His poetry reveals his wisdom. Raskhan had good knowledge of Hindi and Farsi. His translation of “Shrimadbhagwat” to Farsi is the proof for it. Subjet of Raskhan’s poetry

  • Poetry of Raskhan are based on Lord Krishna. "Lilas" of Lord Krishna, like ‘Bal Lila’, ‘Chir Haran Lila’, ‘Kunj Lila’, ‘Ras Lila’, ‘Panghat Lila’, ‘Dan Lila’ etc. were his favourit subjects. Apart from ‘Lilas’, Raskhan has also created poems on Lord Shankar, Goddes Ganga, Holi festival etc.