Nanddas the final stages of the 16th century poet. Nanddas Ashtchhap major poet in Hindi, the most famous of which was Surdas. According to one theory Etah district of Uttar Pradesh, in His birth took place in the village of Rampur near Soron. He was the brother of Tulsidas, but now it is not considered authentic. It is written in the same negotiations that go Dwarka Nanddas Sindhund grams Ktrani became enamored of a lovely figure.[1]

They circled around to the woman in the house used to be. Gokul family moved in awe for a few days. They also reached there. Finally there Gosain Vittalnath live their fascination with Sdupdesh were drawn and the exclusive devotee. The story is a historical fact that they only live Gosain Vittalnath were initiated.


  1. Bhagwat Dashamskand
  2. Rukminimangal
  3. Rupmanjri
  4. Manmanjri
  5. Virahmanjri
  6. Namchintamanimala
  7. Danleela
  8. Manleela
  9. Anecarthamanjri
  10. Gyanmanjri
  11. Shyamsagai
  12. Bhramargeet
  13. Sudamacharitr
  14. Hitopadesha
  15. Nasiketpuran


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