Ashtchhap Poets

With Shri Gusainji’s kripa the 8 friends of Shree Krishn from the incarnation 5000 years ago, appeared in this period of Shreeji’s appearance as great eight singer poets; known as the “Aashtchaap poets”. They wrote various poem-bhajans describing the Baal-Leela of Thakurjee from the Nand Rai days.

These Aashtchaap poets and gayak bhakts, as they are called were from every where; not limited to the Vallabh sampradai. With divine prerna[1] they were granted sakshat[2] darshans of Thakurjee and His Divine Leelas on this earth. With the divyata[3] granted by Shreeji Himself they were able to compose perfectly whatever Thakurjee desired and enjoyed.[4]

Names of Aashtchaap poets

The names of the Aashtchaap poets as the original Krishn’s friends in the earlier incarnation 5000 years ago are-

  1. Krishna
  2. Rishabha
  3. Arjuna
  4. Bhoj
  5. Tok
  6. Subala
  7. Vishala
  8. Shri Dhama

These same gwal friends took birth later in Shreeji leela in Mathura and were known as the 'Aashtchaap poets'[4]-

  1. Kumbhandas
  2. Surdas
  3. Parmanand Das
  4. Krishnadas
  5. Govind Swami
  6. Nandadas
  7. Chhitaswami
  8. Chaturbhujdas


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