Parmanand Das

Paramanand Das

Parmanand Das was born on V.S. 1550 (A.D. 1493) in Kannoj and left the world on V.S. 1641 (A.D. 1584) at Surbhikund, Goverdhan. He was one of the best poet of 'Ashtchhap'.

Meeting with Mahaprabhu

Once he went to Prayag for Makar Snan[1]. He wanted to meet Jalghariya Kshatri Kapur. So he went to Adel. He met Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya on the bank of river Yamuna for the first time.[2]

Singing Kirtans

After meeting on the bank of river Yamuna at Prayag, Shri Parmanand Das stayed with Shri Acharyaji and sang childhood sport (Bal leela) kirtans there. Shri Acharyaji delegated him the service of singing kirtans at different times before Shri Navnitpriyaji. When Shri Mahaprabhu went to Gokul, Shri Parmananddasji also went with him and there he wrote many padas related to childhood sport (Bal leela) at Gokul. He requested Shri Mahaprabhuji to allow him to stay with him at Gokul for his service. Mahaprabhuji offered him also kirtan seva before Shri Goverdhannathji. However, as Shri Mahaprabhuji had bestowed him with joy of the childhood sport he wrote thousands of kirtans of the secret sentiments of childhood sport.