Kumbhandas was one of the original 84 disciples of Shri Vallabhacharyaji[1] in the early 1500. He lived in a village named Jamunavata located in Vrajbhumi; with his family of eight members. Kumbhandas had a very small farm which he cultivated to feed his family. He had few material possesions and a farmer's life is always a hard one. Though poor, he maintained high self-respect and as a Vaishnav he would not accept any free offerings from anyone.[2]

Come to Anyora

When he learned that a great person - acharya has come to Anyora town; Kumbhandas and his wife went to Anyora to meet with Shri Vallabhacharyaji. Kumbhandas was recognized as one of the Ashtasakha in Pushtimarg; which means that he was one of the eight close friend of ShriNathji. Ashtasakhas were great song writers and singers of praises of shri Goverdhannathji. This highest esteem was achieved by Kumbhandas by his absolute dedication and Love for ShriNathji.

Invited by the Lord

Kumbhandas was so enamored by Shri Radha and Krishna’s intimate play that he never praised anything beside the union lilas of the divine Couple. He never left the Govardhan Hill, the area of Shri Krishna’s intimate play, not even to venture to Gokul, the sacred site of Krishna’s infant lilas only twenty kilometers away. Kumbhandas is a unique character. In the history of religion he is the only individual to be invited by the Lord Himself to take part in a cooking contest. Kumbhandas was even invited on Shri Krishna’s butter-stealing crusades. He ate only the grains from his own field, used a bowl of water for a mirror, and shunned everything that was not directly related to his Lord. This made him a perfectly renounced, fearless Lila connoisseur.

Shri Krishna is attained according to the devotional view of His bhaktas. If King Kamsa could achieve Krishna simply by fearing Him twenty-four hours a day, it is no surprise that Kumbhandas could grasp Shri Krishna and become His own, and even make Krishna come before him, through the strength of his devotion and love. He attained perfect friendship and intimacy with Shri Krishna.