Vitthalnath was the younger son of Vallabhacharya. He was also known by the name Gusaiji. He was born in 1515 at Charanata near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Vitthalnath led the sect Pushtimarg, the sect founded by his father after the latter's death.


Shri Vitthalnathji is the second son of shri Vallabhacharya. He wad born at Charanata near Allahabad on magshar Vadi Nom, 1572, Samvat. Vallabhacharya in his later life adopted Adel as his permanent residence, and therefore he passed his childhood there & was given Upnayan Sanskar at the age of 8 at Varanasi. It is an undisputed fact that like his father, he had a very great hold on and absorbing attachment to Srimad Bhagavata. Vitthalnath became the representative of his father, and thereafter he palnned various tours in India, and thought of writing works for the propagation of the Sampradaya. He toured the whole of India to spread the message of "Pushti Marg" and also wrote many literary works. He introduced present times 'SEVA' as a means of experiancing love for God.[1]

family life

Vitthalnathji was married twice and his wives were Shri Rukmini Vahuji and Shri Padmavati Vahuji and he had seven sons and four daughters. During his own lifetime, he decided to make Gokul his head-quarters and to make the matters of inheritance as smooth as possible, he gave each of his sons one of the sacred icons and established a separate haveli for each one of them in Gokul. Shri Nathji remained at Jatipura during Shri Vitthalnathji's lifetime. Because of these there are seven seats or piths in 'Pushti Marg'. The generations following shree Mahaprabhuji and Shri Vitthalnathji continued to spered Pushti Philosophy throughout India and thus the path of Grace has become a strong force today, leading people to a life completely devoted to Shree Thakuji.