Chaturbhujdas was a great vaishnava in Shri Vallabh Sampraday 500 years back and he used to live in a Shri Gokul and used to serve baby Krishna in a very loving way and he even used to play with baby krishna in a vatshalaya mood. One day he went to mathura across the Gokul through with one of the new bhakata in boat to buy offerings from market and by the time he came to bank of Yamuna at Vishrama Ghat there was no boat to go across and he was in much worried to go back as all bhoga to be offer very next morning for baby krishna.[1]

Finally he prayed to Shri Yamuna very loving way, to help to go acrooss and now he advised another devotee to just put a step where he put means just follow his foot step but not to put some different place and stareted to chant. "Shri Krishna Sharanam Mum..." mantra and he started to walked on the Yamuna River water without difficulty and another man just follwing his foot step, but half way another man thought he is chanting mantra and moving his each step and I am just following his step where he put before, so what a big deal, let me chant like him and I will put a step in my on way rather than to follow his step.

Finally he did this and in a very first step he started to drown in water but Shri Chaturbhujdas saved him and asked him why did you stopped to follow his foot step !. He said you chant and put a step, so I decided to do same in my own way. Sri Chaturbhujdas replied, "Shri Yamunaji listened my prayers already, and yours will be listened in future, that is only differnce". Shri Chatubhujadas was a very exalted devotee of Srinathji.


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