Hith Harivansh

Hith Harivansh is the founder of Radhavallabh Sampradaya, Born in Baad Graam on 11th Day of Boishakh. He was the incarnation of Lord Krishna's Flute. A follower of Prema Bhakti and devotee of Radharani the Supreme power. The famous temple of Shri Radhavallabh ji in Vrindavan, a place near Mathura is founded by him and his followers are facilitating the Temple. The old temple of Shri Radhavallabh ji, just adjacent to the new temple has a sculpture of Shri Hith Harivansh Ji. Shri Radhavallabh ji Temple is one of the most famous temples of Thakur of Vrindavan including Sri Bankey Bihari Ji, Shri Govind Dev ji, Shri Madan Mohan Ji, Shri Gopinath Ji, Shri Radha Raman Ji and Shri Radha Damodar Ji.


Founder of the Shri Radhavallabh Sampradaya was His Divine Grace Goswami Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu who is regarded as the incarnation of Lord Krishna's flute. His father, Sri Vyasa Mishra, was a Gaur Brahman of Deoband in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, who was in service of the Moghul Emperor Humayun, according to 'Tarikh-I-Deoband'[1]. On one occasion while Shri Vyas Mishra was accompanying Emperor on his march from Agra, his wife Tara Rani, gave birth to a son at the Royal Army Camp at Baad, near Mathura; on 11th day[2] Monday of 'Baisakh'[3] in the Samvat 1530 corresponding to 10th.[4][5]

Childhood Days

Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu passed his childhood at Deoband a place of peace and divinity. Once playing with his playmates; the ball fell in a deep well. Mahaprabhu jumped into the well and came out with a 'Shri Vigraha'[6]. The well still exists and 'Sriji' placed in the ancestral palace, at Deoband is widely known as 'Sri Radha Navarangilalaji' here at Deoband. When he was eight years old Harivanshji's Yagyapaveet[7] ceremony was performed, and later he was married to Rukminiji, determined to abandon the world and lead the life of an ascetic.

Got the 'Shri Vigraha'

At that time he was 32 with this resolution he set out on the road to Vrindavan and had reached Charthawal, near Muzaffarnagar. Here at night, while asleep in a vision, he received Divine command from 'Shri Radha’, that 'You will meet a Brahman who possesses my replica. Marry his two daughters and take this replica to Vrindavan to worship'. She (Shri Radha) gave a similar dream to Atmadeva Brahman his ancestors had performed penance at Mount Kailasha worshipping Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva became pleased and insisted much upon the ancestor[8] to be blessed with his desired wish that was to gift him his most cherished thing of Lord Shiva. Then Lord Shiva gave him the idol of 'Shri Radha Vallabhji Maharaj' from his heart and told him the method of its service.[5]

Installation of Radhavallabh Lal

Since then the replica was taken care of and served by all the generations. Next morning Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu was married at a simple but solemn ceremony and the replica, named 'Radha Vallabhji' was gifted to him. Shri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu carried this deity, which on his arrival at Vrindavan was set up at 'Oonchi Thaur'[9] on the bank of the Yamuna.


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