Bhagavadgita -Radhakrishnan 250

The Bhagavadgita -S. Radhakrishnan


61. isvarah sarvabhutartam
hrddese 'rjuna tisthati
bhramayan sarvabhutani
yantrarudhani mayaya
(61) The Lord abides in the hearts of all beings, 0 Arjuna, causing them to turn round by His power as if they were mounted on a machine.
The relations of our unborn nature and its fateful compulsion are regulated by the Divine who dwells in our hearts and guides and constrains our development. The power that determines events is not, as in Hardy, a blind, unfeeling, unthinking will to which we give the name of "Fate," "Destiny," or "Chance.[1] The Spirit that rules the cosmos, the Lord who presides over the evolution of the cosmic plan, is seated also in the heart of every being and will not let him rest. "Without Thee we cannot live for a moment. As the truth Thou dost exist eternally within and without.[2] The Supreme is the inmost self of our existence. All life is a movement of the rhythm of His life and our powers and acts are all derived from Him. If, in our ignorance, we forget this deepest truth, the truth does not alter. If we live consciously in His truth, we will resign all actions to God and escape from our ego. If we do not, even then the truth will prevail. Sooner or later we will yield to the purpose of God but in the meanwhile there is no compulsion. The Supreme desires our free co-operation when beauty and goodness are born without travail and effortlessly. When we become transparent media for the light of God, He uses us for His work.

62. tam eva saranam gaccha
sarvabhavena bharata
tatprasadat param santim
sthanam prapsyasi sasvatam
(62) Flee unto Him for shelter with all thy being, O Bharata (Arjuna). By His grace shalt thou obtain supreme peace and eternal abode. sarvabhavena: with all thy being. We must grow conscious of the Divine on all the planes of our being The love of Radha for Krsna is the symbol of integral love in all planes of being from the spiritual to the physical. Arjuna is called upon to co-operate with God and do his duty He must change the whole orientation of his being He must put himself at the service of the Supreme. His illusion will then be dispelled, the bond of cause and consequence will be broken and he will attain shadowless light, perfect harmony and supreme blessedness

63. iti te jnanam akhyatam
guhyad guhyataram maya
vinirsyai 'tad asesena
yathe 'cchasi tatha kuru
(63) Thus has wisdom more secret than all secrets, been declared to thee by Me. Having reflected on it fully 'do as thou choosest. vimrsyaitad asesena: reflect on it fully. We must use our Intelligence,[3] exercise our discrimination. yatha cchasi tatha kuru: do as thou choosest. God is seemingly indifferent, for He leaves the decision to Arjuna's choice. His apparent indifference is due to His anxiety that each one of us should get to Him of his own free choice. He constrains no one since free spontaneity is valuable. Man is to be wooed and not coerced into co-operation He is to be drawn, not driven, persuaded, not compelled.


References and Context

  1. Like a knitter drowsed, whose fingers play in skilled unraindfulness The will has woven with an absent heed Since life first was, and ever will so weave.
  2. tvam uahaya na .saknomi jivitum ksanam eva hi antar bahis' ca nityam tvam satyarapena vartase.
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