Bhagavadgita -Radhakrishnan 249

The Bhagavadgita -S. Radhakrishnan


57. cetasa sarvakarmdni
nayi samnyasya mattparah
buddhiyogam upasritya
maccittah satatarn bhava
(57) Surrendering in thought all actions to Me, regarding Me as the Supreme and resorting to steadfastness in under-standing, do thou fix thy thought constantly on Me.
"Be always one with Me in heart, will and consciousness." A perfect self-giving to the Universal Lord makes Him the spirit of our life.

58. maccittah sarvadurgani
matprasadat tarisyasi
atha cet tvam ahamkaran
na srosyasi vinariksyasi
(58) Fixing thy thought on Me, thou shalt, by My grace, cross over all difficulties; but if, from self-conceit, thou wilt not listen (to Me), thou shalt perish. Man is free to choose salvation or perdition. If we fondly believe that we can resist the will of the Almighty, we will come to grief Defiance of God is due to self-sense (ahamkara) and it is powerless ultimately.

59. yad ahamkaram asritya
na yotsya titi manyase
mithyai 'sa vyavasdyas
te mrakrtis tvam niyoksyati
(59) If indulging in self-conceit, thou thinkest "I will not fight," vain is this, thy resolve. Nature will compel thee. The desire `not to fight" will only be the expression of his surface natture : his deeper being will lead him to fight. If he casts down his arms for fear of suffering and holds back from the fight, and if the war proceeds without him, and he realizes that the consequences of his abstention would be disastrous to humanity, he will be impelled to take up arms by the remorseless pressure of the Cosmic Spint. He should try therefore to further and co-operate with the cosmic evolution instead of denying and opposing it. If he does so, he will change from an essentially determined to a determining factor. It is Arjuna's lower nature that will cause the confusion and the fall from the greater truth of his being. Now Arjuna has seen the truth and he can act, 'tot for selfish ends, but as a conscious instrument of the Divine. The disciple must put aside all selfish fear and obey his Inner Light which will carry him past all dangers and obstacles God lays down the conditions and it is for us to accept them. We should not waste our strength in fighting against the stream. Most of us are natural men, eager, impulsive and definite about our own little schemes, but we must change. The way in which we can be most useful is by submission to God's choice. St. Francis de Sales' favourite prayer sums up this spirit of total subordination : `Yes, Father ! yes, and always Yes!"

60. svabhavajena kaunteya
nibaddhah svena karmana
kartum ne 'cchasl yan mohat
karisyasy avaso 'pi tat
(60) That which, through delusion, thou wishest not to do, 0 son of Kunti (Arjuna), that thou shalt do even against thy will, fettered by thy own acts born of thy nature.
You will be driven to do it by the compulsive power of your nature.


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