Bhagavad Gita -Madhvacharya 95

Bhagavad Gita -Sri Madhvacharya

(Bhashya and Tatparya Nirnaya)


Chapter 3
Karma Yoga

Bhashya :- Hari Aum ! Earlier has been spoken the form of the Self which is the means of wisdom. Having repudiated through the words of wisdom, the non-performance of Action, performance of Action alone is being hereafter recommended in this Chapter.
1 - 2. Arjuna said: If you, O Janardana, deem intellect to be superior to action, then why do you urge me to undertake this savage deed, O Krishna? With apparent contradictory statements you bewilder my intelligence. Therefore, speak one thing certain, which I can attain the highest propriety.
Bhashya :- Far inferior is Action' is the seed of enquiry and action is enveloped by obscurity having been clarified why is he rousing him to perform the terrible deed?
Tatparya Nirnaya :- ज्ञानं योगच्चोक्तो. Therein action is primarily is endorsed. dUroNa (varM kma- - Action is enveloped by obscurity, thus being clarified