Bhagavad Gita -Madhvacharya 2

Bhagavad Gita -Sri Madhvacharya

(Bhashya and Tatparya Nirnaya)


The Commentators Invocation To the Bhasya

Adoring the Lord, Sriman Narayana, devoid of all defects, complete in Himself, and also the (Eternal) Teacher, (I am) narrating the meaning of (Bhagavad) Gita, leaving nothing to be explained.

The Commentators Invocation To the Tatparya Nirnaya:

Bhashya :- Adoring the Lord, Sriman Narayana, complete in all the attributes and devoid of all the defects, I narrate the Summation of the (Bhagavad) Gita. Being compassionate towards the people, who were afflicted by the loss of Dharma, the Perennial Principles and Wisdom, further as desired by Brahma, Rudra and others, descent of the resplendent Vyasa came to be for dissemination of the Ultimate wisdom. Consequently, for propagating (the means of gaining) the desirable and avoiding the undesirable and for elucidating the meaning of Vedas in the light of Samsara (Primordial world), (and also) for the sake of those not entitled to (the knowledge of) Vedas like Women, Shudras and others, and (since) deliverance is possible only through an insight in Dharma, (and considering thus) the Compassionate One, the knower of the words spoken in all the Vedas, which contain the Wisdom of the One, (who is) the indescribable due to the incapability of the senses, the Mahabharata was composed, through examples full of wisdom, to enable one to have the direct revelation of the Lord's true form, qualities, attributes.