Bhagavad Gita -Madhvacharya 15

Bhagavad Gita -Sri Madhvacharya

(Bhashya and Tatparya Nirnaya)


Chapter 2
Sankhya Yoga

1– 2 – 3 -4 -5. Sanjaya said: Then, to him (who was thus) overcome with compassion, with eyes filled with tears, distressed and depressed In mind, Sri Krishna spoke these words. The Resplendent Lord said: How come this blemish of dejection at this hour of crisis, O Arjuna, unknown to men of noble nature (and) which does not lead to heavens, but brings disgrace (on earth) ? Yield not to this impotence, O Partha, it does not behove you. Discarding this corrupt weakness of heart, stand up, O oppressor of foes ! Arjuna said: How could I strike, O Sri Krishna, Bhishma and Drona, worthy of worship with my arrows in battle? It is better to live by begging in this world than enjoy the pleasures, killing the Teachers of high of honour. Killing Teachers with the desire for wealth, I would only be enjoying pleasures dipped in their blood.
6 –7 - 8 – 9 - 10. Nor do we know which action is better for us, whether winning them over or by being won over by them. Whom having killed, we will not desire to live, such are these sons of Dhritarashtra, standing before us. Because of frailty caused by pity, I have lost my natural composure. Being confused in mind about Dharma, I ask you what is proper for me, that, you tell me with certainty. I am your disciple. Teach me, who am seeking refuge in you. I do not see what will drive away this despondency which is drying my senses, even though I may acquire riches, unrivalled kingdom on earth and sovereignty or the heavens. Sanjaya said: Having spoken thus to Sri Krishna. Arjuna said „I will not fight' and became silent.Then, O Dhritarashtra, Sri Krishna, smiling as it were, spoke these words to him grieving thus between the two armies.