Bhagavad Gita -Madhvacharya 281

Bhagavad Gita -Sri Madhvacharya

(Bhashya and Tatparya Nirnaya)


Chapter 12
Bhakti Yoga

Those who not knowing the greatness of Sri Vishnu do not worship Him, though they worship Sri they not having worshipped Him, will surely be cursed by her. Therefore, knowing supremacy of Sri Hari and the procedure for worshipping Him, one should then meditate upon Sri. Then satisfied with this, she will assure their devotion to Sri Vishnu. Thus having realized the Lord, the devotee will be liberated, of this there is no doubt. Even then, knowing Sri, the all supreme One, who is deficient of all defects, who ever propitiates her spouse, the Supreme Person with wisdom, he, verily, is the one who is supremely eqanimous. But great is the distress for him, who propitiates Sri as distinct (and not the lord). If she is propitiated along with Sri Vishnu then to him great happiness comes about. Otherwise, if Vishnu is worshipped later as necessary considering Him as her spouse, the liberation will be delayed. Therefore, those who propitiate Sri and also Vishnu will attain liberation. Thus in Parama Scripture. yuktaatma means one who is superior in spiritual aspirations, and in equanimity.
2 – 3 - 4. The Resplendent Lord said: Fixing their minds on Me, those who meditate on Me being ever equanimous and ever supremely receptive - they verily are, in My considered opinion, the superior in equanimity. Those who meditate on the immutable, indefinable and the unmanifest, the omnipresent, unthinkable, the unchanging and the immortal, the constant with all their senses under restraint, being even-minded in all the cases, they propitiate Me alone, being engaged in welfare of all the beings.
Bhashya :- If the aspirants become best then tell me what would be the fruits for the rest ? Thus does Arjuna inquire. In Bhagavat Puraana, imperceptibility has been ascribed to delusion, being incapable of rationalizing and being imperceptible to some.