Bhagavad Gita -Madhvacharya 271

Bhagavad Gita -Sri Madhvacharya

(Bhashya and Tatparya Nirnaya)


Chapter 11
Vishvarupadarshana Yoga

35 - 36. Sanjaya said: Having heard these words of Keshava, Arjuna with folded hands, trembling and adoring again, prostrating himself with great trepidation, spoke in wavering voice (these words) to Krishna. Arjuna said: Glorifying in You, O Hrishikesha, the world rightly does rejoice and delight. The demons disperse in all directions out of fear while group of the perfected souls bow down before you.
Bhashya :- What has been said thus as tt\ sqaanao is what is proper, the place where Fire, Moon and the Sun abide in Him, whose rays enthrall the world over, He who is known as Hrishikesha. The fragment of the rays give direction to the Light. „The Moon and the Sun are like the eyes‟ having said his presiding power of divinity over the senses is accepted, especially the divinity is well spoken as „in the Breath is He abiding‟ and also further with the usage of phrases like, „my senses will not succumb to sinful ways‟. In other cases the statements like “Even through My hair, I send forth the Moon the Sun and Fire, like the rays to worlds to energize, to protect, who arise according to the time, assigned to them. By such instructions and protection the world becomes pleased. Thus O Pandava, by these actions of the Moon, the Sun and the Fire, I come to be known as Hrishikesha, Mahesha the creator of the universe and the giver of the boons”, thus in Moksha Dharma.