Bhagavad Gita -Madhvacharya 117

Bhagavad Gita -Sri Madhvacharya

(Bhashya and Tatparya Nirnaya)


Chapter 3
Karma Yoga

Even though externally they may appear to be different (than what they are), internally they revert back to their own attributes and inclination. The best ones are qualified for moksha, deliverance, the intermediate ones are qualified for primordial life and others, the worst ones live in eternal darkness. The deliverance is only by performing actions fulfilling each one's attributes and inclination. In the absence of being properly inclined, all continue to flow indefinitely like a river. Since there is eternal continuity of the Primordial world according to the will of Sri Hari there is eternal continuity. Therefore for the worst of the Jivas there would always be distorted knowledge. The intermediate mortal beings wiIl have mixed knowledge suited to their natural attributes and inclination. Wisdom of essential principles and devotion to Sri Vishnu will only be for gods and the like ones. Jivas being subservient to the Supreme Being each one performs their actions according to their natural attributes and inclination. Sri Vishnu gets the performance done from them according to their individual sva-bhaava. The deluded people consider themselves to be the performers of the actions. But those who know in principle that the nature of the attributes and inclination attributes and inclination are energized as willed by Sri Vishnu‟s will, have no independence of actions. In them the Lord becomes exceedingly pleased. The deluded ones influenced by their attributes and inclination consider themselves to be wise and independent and do not consider their attributes and inclination, knowledge and actions to be dependent upon Sri Vishnu. Being thus not qualified, they would not be illumined. They would only be convinced through arguments, and not through scriptural instructions. In general assembly, (where both noble and evil persons gather) general guidance may be given, so that it may enlighten at least the noble ones. Even though spoken by the wise, they (the evil ones) will react according to their attributes and inclination. Since they act according to their attributes, who and what is the use of controlling (their behaviour)? Thus, according to Prakasha Samhita.