Bhagavadgita -Radhakrishnan 214

The Bhagavadgita -S. Radhakrishnan

Worship of the Personal Lord is better than meditation of the Absolute

20. ye tu dharmyamrtam idam
yathohtam paryuuasate
sraddadhana mmattarama
bhaktcis te 'tiva me priyah
(20) But those who with faith, holding Me as their supreme aim, follow this immortal wisdom, those devotees are exceedingly dear to Me.
sraddadhana: (those) with faith. Before the experience arises the soul must have faith, which carries with it consent of mind and life. For those who have experience, it is a matter of sight : for others, it is faith, a call or a compulsion.
When we see the One Self in all things, equal-mindedness, freedom from selfish desires, surrender of our whole nature to the Indwelling Spirit and love for all arise. When these qualities are manifested, our devotion is perfect and we are God's own men. Our life then is guided not by the forces of attraction and repulsion, friendship and enmity, pleasure and pain, but by the single urge to give oneself to God and therefore to the service of the world which is one with God.[1]
iti ... bhaktiyogo nama dvadaso 'dhyayah
This is the twelfth chapter entitled The Yoga of Devotion.


References and Context

  1. In the words of Tulsidas : "Grant me, 0 Master, by thy grace To follow all the good and pure, To be content with simple things; To use my fellows not as means but ends To serve them stalwartly, in thought, word, deed ; Never to utter word of hatred or of shame : To cast away all selfishness and pride : To speak no ill of others : To have a mind at peace, Set free from care, and led astray from thee Neither by happiness nor woe; Set thou my feet upon this path, And keep me steadfast in it, Thus only shall 1 please thee, serve thee right." M. K. Gandhi : Songs from Prison (1934), p. 52.