Bhagavadgita -Radhakrishnan 203

The Bhagavadgita -S. Radhakrishnan

The Lord's Transfiguration

21. anti hi tvam surasamgha vi anti
kecid bhitah prainjalayo grnanti
svasti 'ty uktva maharsisiddhasamghdh
stuvanti tvam stutibhih puskalabhih
(21) Yonder hosts of gods enter Thee and some, in fear, extol Thee, with folded hands, and bands of great seers and perfected ones cry "hail" and adore Thee with hymns of abounding praise.
The spiritual hosts adore His glory and are lost in ecstatic worship

22. rudrdditya vasavo ye ca sadhya
visve 'scvinau marutas co 'smapas
ca gandharvayaksasurasiddhasamgha
viksante tvam vismitas cai 'va sarve
(22) The Rudras, the Adityas, the Vasus, the Sadhyas; the Visvedevas, the two Asvins, the Maruts and the Manes and the hosts of Gandharvas, Yakas, Asuras and Siddhas, all gaze at Thee and are quite amazed.

23. rupam mahat te bahuvaktranetram
mahabaho bahubahurupadam
bahudaram bahudamstrdkaralam
dystva lokah pravyathitas tatha 'ham
(23) Seeing Thy great form, of many mouths and eyes, 0 Mighty-armed, of many arms, thighs and feet, of many bellies, terrible with many tusks, the worlds tremble and so do I
This is a poetic exaggeration to bring out the universality and the omnipresence of the Supreme.

24. nabhOtsprgath di tam anekavarttath
vyattananam diptavigalanetram
drstva hi tvam pravyathitantaratma
dhrtim na vindami samam ca visno
(24) When I see Thee touching the sky, blazing with many hues, with the mouth opened wide, and large glowing eyes, my inmost soul trembles in fear and I find neither steadiness nor peace, 0 Visnu !

25. damstrakaralam ca te mukham
drstva 'va kãlãnalasathnibhãni
diso na Jane na labhe ca sarma
prasida deves`a jagannivasa
(25) When I see Thy mouths terrible with their tusks, like Time's devouring flames, I lose sense of the directions and find no peace Be gracious, 0 Lord of gods, Refuge of the worlds!
kalanata . literally the doomsday fire.
Arjuna loses his bearings. The tremendous experience has in it elements of astonishment, terror and rapture.

26. ami ca tvam dhrtarastrasya
putrah same sahai bhismo dronah
sutaputras tatha 'sau saha
'smadiyair api yodharukhyaih
(26) All yonder sons of Dhrtarastra together with the hosts of kings and also Bhisma, Drona and Karma along with the chief warriors on our side too,—

27. vaktram te tvaramana visanti
dalitstrakarCilcini bhayanakani
kecid vilagna dasanantaresu
samdrsyante cüriitair uttamarigaih
(27) Are rushing into Thy fearful mouths set with terrible tusks. Some caught between the teeth are seen with their heads crushed to powder


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