Gita Madhurya -Ramsukhdas 149

Gita Madhurya -Swami Ramsukhdas

Chapter XVIII



He Lord in the thirty-ninth verse of the second chapter described Sakhyayoga (The Discipline of Knowledge) and Karmayoga (The Discipline of Action). These two disciplines were also mentioned in the third verse of the third chapter. Arjuna wanted to know these two paths (Disciplines). But as Lord Krsna could not get an opportunity to explain the divine nature and the demoniac nature from the seventh chapter to the fifteenth chapter, similarly Arjuna could not express his curiosity from the third chapter to the seventeenth chapter.

Having mentioned the two paths in the third verse of the third chapter Lord Krsna in the first verse of the fourth chapter explained that lie taught the imperishable Yoga to the sun-god. Arjuna asked Hint how he could believe that He taught the Yoga to the sun-god, because His birth was later while the birth of the sun-god was earlier. The Lord in response to his question talked of His divine births (incarnations) and divine actions. In the thirty-fourth verse of the fourth chapter He ordered him to gain that knowledge from the men of wisdom by prostration, by question and by service to them. Again in the forty-second verse of the fourth chapter He ordered him to establish himself in Yoga viz., Karmayoga (in the form of even-mindedness). So Arjuna at the beginning of the fifth chapter asked Lord Krsna which of the two, the path of knowledge or the path of action (Karmayoga) was decidedly better for him. The Lord answered his question in the fifth chapter and started the sixth chapter of his own accord.


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