Gita Madhurya -Ramsukhdas 148

Gita Madhurya -Swami Ramsukhdas

Chapter XVII


Where is `Tat' used, O Lord?

With the idea that everything is for the Supreme Soul called 'Tat' various kinds of sacrifice, penance (austerity) and gift are performed by the seekers of liberation without desiring any fruit in return.(25)

Where is the term 'Sat' used?

O Partha, the Divine Name 'Sat' is used in the sense of truth and goodness, and it is also used in the sense of praiseworthy act. Steadfastness (faith) in sacrifice, austerity and gift is also designated as 'Sat'. Not only this but every action performed for the sake of the Lord is called 'Sat'.(26-27)

O Lord, which actions arc called 'Asat' (non-existent)?

O Partha, whatever sacrifice (oblation offered to the fire-god), gift offered and austerity performed as well as any other act, which are performed without faith are called 'Mat'. They are of no account either here (in the earthly life) or hereafter (after death) viz., they can't bear 'Sat' fruit anywhere.(28)


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