Gita Madhurya -Ramsukhdas 130

Gita Madhurya -Swami Ramsukhdas

Chapter XVI



Lord Krsna in the fifteenth verse of the seventh chapter explained in brief the traits of possessing the demoniac nature by declaring that those evil doers who are foolish and who have embraced the demoniac nature don't worship Him: while in the sixteenth verse He explained in brief those possessing the divine nature by declaring that those virtuous men worship Him. In the beginning of the eighth chapter Arjuna put seven questions based on the last two verses of the seventh chapter. The Lord answered those questions in whole of the eighth chapter.

The Lord at the beginning of the seventh chapter had promised that He would unfold to him the knowledge together with Realization. So He started the ninth chapter. In the twelfth verse of the ninth chapter He explains that the senseless persons with vain hopes, futile actions and fruitless knowledge embrace a nature which is demoniac, while in the thirteenth verse Ile declared that the great souls, who know Him as the prime cause of creation and worship Him constantly with undivided mind, possess a divine nature.


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