Gita Madhurya -Ramsukhdas 150

Gita Madhurya -Swami Ramsukhdas

Chapter XVIII



In the thirty-third and the thirty-fourth verses of the sixth chapter Arjuna put a question on the restlessness (fickleness) of mind. The Lord answered his question in brief. Arjuna from the thirty-seventh to the thirty-ninth verses put the question, "What fate does the striver, whose mind wanders away from Yoga (at the time of death) failing to attain perfection in Yoga, meet with?" The Lord answered the question in the sixth chapter. In the last verse of the sixth chapter the Lord declared his devotee the most devout among all the Yogis. The Lord started the same topic in the seventh chapter where he described devotion in particular.

Lord Krsna at the end of the seventh chapter while describing His entire form used the terms Brahma and Adhyatma etc. So at the beginning of the eighth chapter Arjuna put seven questions for the clarification of those terms. The Lord answered the first six questions in brief while He explained the seventh question in detail. Then He described the topic which was left in the seventh chapter, in the ninth chapter and upto the eleventh verse of the tenth chapter. Arjuna was very much pleased when he heard in the ninth, tenth and eleventh verses of the tenth chapter, of the devotees and the Lord's compassion to them. So Arjuna from the twelfth to the eighteenth verses praised Him and prayed to Him to tell him in detail His power of Yoga and His glories. Having described His important glories at the end of the tenth chapter He declares, "What need is there, O Arjuna, for the detailed knowledge? I stand supporting the whole universe with a single fragment of Myself." Hearing these words Arjuna prayed to Him to reveal to him His cosmic form. Having revealed His cosmic form the Lord declared that by unswerving devotion He can he seen and known and even entered into.


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