Mahabharata -Rajagopalachari 345

Mahabharata -Chakravarti Rajagopalachari


Yudhishthira replied: "O sage, Duryodhana, who did not know right from wrong, who was a sinner, who caused suffering to good men, who fed enmity and anger and who brought death to countless men, has attained this swarga of warriors. Where is that region of greater glory, which must be the abode of my brave and good brothers and Draupadi? I am eager to see them and Karna, and also all the friends and princes who gave up their lives in battle for me. I do not see them here. I desire to meet again Virata, Drupada, Dhrishtaketu and Sikhandin, the Panchala prince. I long to see the dear sons of Draupadi and Abhimanyu. I do not see them here. Where are they, who threw their bodies into the blazing fire of battle for my sake, like ghee in the sacrifice? I do not see any of them here. Where are they all? My place must be among them. At the close of the battle, my mother Kunti wanted me to offer libations for Karna also. When I think of it, even now, grief overwhelms me. In ignorance of his being my own blood brother, I caused Karna to be slain. I am eager to see him. Bhima, dearer to me than life, Arjuna, who was like Indra him self, the twins Nakula and Sahadeva and our dear Panchali, steadfast in dharma, I long to see and be with them all. I do not wish to be in heaven, for what good is it for me to be here, away from my brothers? Wherever they may be, that me is swarga; not this place!" The angels, who heard this, replied: "O Yudhishthira, if you indeed desire to be with them, by all means, you may go at once. There is no need to delay," and they ordered an attendant to take Yudhishthira. So, the messenger proceeded in front and Yudhishthira followed him. As they went along, it soon became dark and in the gathering gloom could be dimly seen things weird and revolting. He waded through slippery slime of blood and offal. The path was strewn with carrion and bones and dead men's hair. Worms were wriggling everywhere and there was an insufferable stench in the air. He saw mutilated human bodies everywhere. Yudhishthira was horrified and confused. A thousand thoughts tortured his mind as he proceeded. "How far have we to go yet on this road? Where indeed are my brothers? Tell me, my friend," he enquired of the messenger in deep anguish. The messenger quietly replied: "If you so desire, we may turn back." The foul odors of the place were so sickening that for a moment Yudhishthira was minded to go back. But just then, as if divining his intention, vaguely familiar voices rose all around in loud lamentation. "O Dharmaputra, do not go back! Stay here for a few minutes at least. Your presence has given us momentary relief from torture. As you came, you have brought with you a whiff of air so sweet and pure that we have found a little relief in our agony. Son of Kunti, the very sight of you gives us comfort and mitigates our suffering. O stay, be it for ever so short a time. Do not go back. While you are here, we enjoy a respite in our torture." Thus the voices pleaded. Hearing the loud lamentations that thus came from all around him, Yudhishthira stood in painful bewilderment. Overwhelmed with pity at the poignant anguish in faintly remembered voices, he exclaimed:



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Mahabharata -Chakravarti Rajagopalachari
Chapter Chapter Name Page No.
1. Ganapati The Scribe Bhagwan Vyasa 1
2. Devavrata 4
3. Bhishma's Vow 7
4. Amba and Bhishma 9
5. Devayani and Kacha 13
6. The Marriage of Devayani 18
7. Yayati 24
8. Vidura 26
9. Kunti Devi 29
10. Death of Pandu 31
11. Bhima 32
12. Karna 34
13. Drona 37
14. The Wax Palace 40
15. The Escape of the Pandvas 44
16. The Slaying of Bakasura 48
17. Draupadi's Swayamvaram 54
18. Indraprastha 58
19. The Saranga Birds 64
20. Jarasandha 67
21. The Slaying of Jarasandha 70
22. The First Honor 73
23. Sakuni Comes In 76
24. The Invitation 79
25. The Wager 82
26. Draupadi's Grief 86
27. Dhritarashtra's Anxiety 90
28. Krishna's Vow 93
29. Pasupata 96
30. Affliction is Nothing New 101
31. Agastya 105
32. Rishyasringa 109
33. Fruitless Penance 113
34. Yavakrida's End 115
35. Mere Learning is Not Enough 118
36. Ashtavakra 120
37. Bhima and Hanuman 122
38. I am No Crane 127
39. The Wicked Are Never Satisfied 130
40. Duryodhna Disgraced 133
41. Shri Krishna's Hunger 136
42. The Enchanted Pool 140
43. Domestic Service 146
44. Virtue Vindicated 151
45. Matsya Defended 155
46. Prince Uttara 159
47. Promise Fulfilled 163
48. Virata's Delusion 167
49. Taking Counsel 171
50. Arjuna's Charioteer 176
51. Salya Against his Nephews 178
52. Vritra 180
53. Nahusha 183
54. Sanjaya's Mission 187
55. Not A Needle-Point of Territor 191
56. Krishna's Misssion 194
57. Attachment and Duty 199
58. The Pandava Generalissimo 202
59. Balarama 202
60. Rukmini 205
61. Non-Cooperation 210
62. Krishna Teaches 213
63. Yudhishthira Seeks Benediction 215
64. The First Day's Battle 217
65. The Second Day 220
66. The Third Day's Battle 223
67. The Fourth Day 227
68. The Fifth Day 231
69. The Sixth Day 233
70. The Seventh Day 236
71. The Eighth Day 239
72. The Ninth Day 242
73. The Passing Of Bhishma 244
74. Karna and the Grandsire 246
75. Drona in Command 248
76. To Seize Yudhishthira Alive 249
77. The Twelfth Day 252
78. Brave Bhagadatta 255
79. Abhimanyu 260
80. The Death Of Abhimanyu 264
81. A Father's Grief 267
82. The Sindhu King 271
83. Borrowed Armor 275
84. Yudhishthira's Misgivings 279
85. Yudhishthira's Fond Hope 283
86. Karna And Bhima 286
87. Pledge Respected 290
88. Somadatta's End 293
89. Jayadratha Slain 297
90. Drona Passes Away 299
91. The Death Of Karna 302
92. Duryodhana 305
93. The Pandavas Reproached 309
94. Aswatthama 313
95. Avenged 316
96. Who Can Give Solace? 318
97. Yudhishthira's Anguish 321
98. Yudhishthira Comforted 324
99. Envy 326
100. Utanga 329
101. A Pound Of Flour 332
102. Yudhishthira Rules 336
103. Dhritarashtra 338
104. The Passing Away Of The Three 341
105. Krishna Passes Away 342
106. Yudhishthira's Final Trial 345