Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 18:51-60

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Delivering the Wives of the Brähmanas

Chapter 18: Verse 51-60



51.The brähmanas' wives said: O child, we do not wish any ordinary boon. We desire only Your lotus feet. Please give us service to You. Give us sincere devotion to You, devotion that is very difficult to attain.

52.We wish to gaze always on Your lotus face. O Kåñna, O Almighty Lord, please be merciful to us. Do not make us return again to our homes.

53.Hearing the brähmanas' wives' words, Lord Kåñna, who is the master of the three worlds and an ocean of mercy, and who was surrounded by the gopa boys, said, Yes. So be it."

54.Then Lord Kåñna accepted the brähmanas' wives offering of delicious foods sweet like nectar. He ate it and He had the boys also eat.

55.When Lord Kåñna and the boys had finished eating, the brähmanas' wives saw descending from the sky a beautiful golden chariot, . . .

56. . . . splendid with jewel mirrors, jewel furniture, jewel pillars, jewel domes, . . .

57.. . . white cämaras, curtains pure like fire, and many pärijäta flowers, . . .

58.. . . glorious like a hundred moons, beautiful, traveling as fast as the mind, filled with splendid liberated associates of the Lord, associates decorated with forest garlands,

59.. . . wearing yellow garments and jewel ornaments, dark, handsome, in the full bloom of youth, . . .

60. . . . having two arms, holding flutes in their hands, dressed as gopa boys, and their hair decorated with peacock feathers and guïjä.



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