Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 18:61-70

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Delivering the Wives of the Brähmanas

Chapter 18: Verse 61-70



61.Descending from the chariot, they at once bowed down before Lord Kåñna's feet. Then they told the brähmanas' wives to enter the chariot.

62.The brähmanas' wives at once left their human forms and became liberated gopis. They bowed down before Lord Kåñna and went to Goloka, where they yearned to go.

63.Then, employing His yogamäyä potency, Lord Kåñna created shadow forms of the wives and placed them in the brähmanas' homes.

64.The brähmanas, who in their hearts dearly loved them, were searching for their wives when they suddenly saw them on the path.

65.Seeing their wives, the humbled brähmanas. the hairs of their bodies erect and their faces and eyes filled with smiles, spoke.

66.The brähmanas said: You are fortunate! You have seen the Supreme Personality of Godhead! Our lives are useless and our Vedic studies are a waste of time.

67.Lord Kåñna's glories are proclaimed in the Vedas and Puränas. Lord Kåñna is everyone's father.

68.It is Lord Kåñna who gives to everyone the results of austerities, mantras, vows, charity, Vedic study, worship, bathing in holy places, and fasting.

69.For one who serves Lord Kåñna, what is the use of austerities? For one who has attained a kalpa-våksa tree that fulfills all desires, what is the use of other trees?

70.For one who in his heart has Lord Kåñna, what is the use of pious deeds? Why shall a person powerful enough to jump over the ocean make a display of jumping over a well?



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