Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 18:41-50

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Delivering the Wives of the Brähmanas

Chapter 18: Verse 41-50



41.You are the mahat-tattva and the other causes of material creation. You are the five tan-matras. You are the seed from which all potencies have come. You are the possessor of all potencies.

42.You are the master of all potencies. You are the shelter of all potencies. You are everything. You are inconceivable, self-effulgent, eternal, and full of bliss.

43.You have no material forms. Your forms are spiritual. You have the power to manifest any form You wish. You have no material senses, but still You are aware of everything experienced by the material senses of all.

44.Trying to praise You, Goddess Sarasvati becomes speechless. Çiva, Çeña, Brahmä, and Yamaräja also become speechless.

45.Pärvati, Lakñmi, Rädhä, Savitri, the mother of the Vedas, and the Vedas themselves are all speechless. Who is wise and learned enough to glorify You?

46.We are very unqualified. How can we glorify You properly? O king of the kings of the wise, please be pleased with us. O Lord, O friend of the fallen, please be merciful to us.

47.After speaking these words, the brähmanas' wives fell at Lord Kåñna's lotus feet. His face and eyes smiling, Lord Kåñna made them fearless.

48.A person who, when he worships the Lord, recites these prayers spoken by the brähmanas' wives, will attain a destination like what they attained. Of this there is no doubt.

50.Hearing Lord Kåñna's words, the brähmanas' wives became happy. Their heads humbly bowed, they spoke to Him words of devotion.



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