Gita Madhurya -Ramsukhdas 106

Gita Madhurya -Swami Ramsukhdas

Chapter XIII



At the beginning of the twelfth chapter Arjuna asked Lord Krsna, "The devotees who, with their minds constantly fixed in You, adore You as possessed of form and attributes, and those who adore only the Imperishable, the Unmanifest—which of these two are better." The Lord responded, "I consider those the best, who endowed with supreme faith, having fixed their mind on Me, worship Me." Further He explained, "Those who adore only the Imperishable, the unmanifest also attain Me, but greater is their difficulty because they are centred in the body." Then He described the former, type of worship in detail. Now He starts the thirteenth chapter in order to explain the latter kind of worship. First the Lord starts the topic of diserimination between Ksetra (Body) and Ksetrajna (Soul) (spirit).


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