Gita Madhurya -Ramsukhdas 68

Gita Madhurya -Swami Ramsukhdas

Chapter VII


Are you not affected by that Yogamaya (divine potency)?

No, Arjuna, I know the beings of the past, the present and the future. But those deluded by divine potency don't know Me.(26)

What is the main reason that they don't know You?

O Arjuna, the main reason is the delusion of pairs of opposites, arising from attachment and aversion. It is because of this delusion that they are subject to birth and death again and again.(27)

Are all men deluded by the pairs of opposites?

No. The men of virtuous deeds, whose sins have come to an end, are not deluded. Such men worship Me with a firm resolve in everyway.(28)

What is result of the worship with a firm resolve?

They who, having taken refuge in Me alone, strive for deliverance from the cycle of birth and death, know that Brahma (the Infinite), the entire Adhyãtma (the totality of embodied souls) and the entire field of Karma (action). They also come to know My Integral Being (that all is God) comprising Adhibhuta (the field of matter), Adhidaiva (Brahma) and Adhiyajna (the unmanifest Divinity). Not only this but they, with exclusive devotion for Me even at the hour of death, also attain Me.(29-30)


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