Garga Samhita 1140

Garga Samhita

Canto Two : Chapter Seven

Kidnapping of the Calves and Cowherd Boys


Text 6

atra bhojana-yogya bhur
drishyate mridu-valuka
vatsakah salilam pitva
te carishyanti shadvalam[1]

I see that this place with soft sands is a very good place for our lunch. The calves will drink the water here, and then they will go to the new grasses there.



  1. atra -here; bhojana-yogya -suitable for lunch; bhuh -place; drishyate -was seen; mridu -soft; valuka -sands; vatsakah -the calves; salilam -water; pitva -drinking; te -they; carishyanti -will go; shadvalam -to the new grasses.

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